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Charleston School of Law Juris Doctor Program Catalog and Student Handbook 2023-2024

Academic Catalog and Handbook

Repeating Courses

The right of a student to repeat or to be reexamined in a course is limited as follows:

  1. A student may repeat any course from which he or she withdrew and received a “W” for the course.
  1. A student who receives a grade of “F”, “W”, “WA”, or “WF” in a required course must repeat the course.
  1. In all other cases, a student shall not be permitted to repeat any course without the approval of the Academic Standards Committee. The Committee may grant such approval only upon a showing of appropriate circumstances (and never for the sole purpose of allowing the student the opportunity to pursue a higher grade for the same course or to improve the student’s grade point average). 
  1. In the case of repetition of a course, both the original grade earned and the grade earned on repetition shall be reported on the transcript and computed as part of the student’s cumulative grade point average. 
  1. In the event the committee grants a petition under subpart 3., a student shall not aggregate credit hours towards the graduation requirement, but credit hours shall count for purposes of the total number of credit hours a student can take in any term.

Satisfactory Completion of a Course

A student is deemed to have completed a course when she or he registers for the course and receives a grade of “D-” or better or, in the case of a course that is graded Pass/Fail, a “P.” A student who receives a grade of “F”, “WF”, “WA”, or a “W” in a course will not be deemed to have completed the course.