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Sol Blatt Jr Law Library Circulation

Circulation guidelines for the Sol Blatt Jr Law Library.

Circulation Instructions

General Policies for Study Rooms

  • Study rooms can be booked for use by CSOL faculty, staff, students, and recent graduates. Students are considered recent graduates until the first administration of the Bar Exam after their graduation date.
    • Note that Rooms 126, 127 and 128 may be booked to alumni, who are offered priority. If you have one of these rooms booked at the time an alumni requests it, you will be moved to another suitable room to the best of our ability.
  • Please adhere to room capacities and do not move any tables or chairs.
  • All study rooms require a booking. Bookings for study rooms must list all group members who will be attending the session. All members listed on the booking are to remain in the room for the majority of the booking. 
    • Rooms 105, 106, 117 and 118 are for individual use. Priority is given to groups for all other study rooms.
  • Students are limited 3 hours of advanced booking time per day. This includes bookings made in your name and bookings where you are listed as a group member on other bookings. Any additional time will need to be booked at the circulation desk after your 3 hours are up. 
  • The student who made the study room booking must check in at the circulation desk. If you are in a group study room, you must have one other person at the desk with you when you check in. (Room 107 requires 3 additional people to check in.) Please return the key to the circulation desk when your reservation is complete. All keys are sanitized between uses. 
  • A 15 minute grace period is allotted for room and seating check in. Following, the booking will be cancelled. Cancelled bookings will not be honored. 
  • If you decide not to come into the library, please cancel with the link provided in your email at least 30 minutes prior to your start time. Repeated no show/no cancel may result in a suspension/loss of privilege. 
  • Study rooms are to be used for academic purposes and are not for social gatherings. 
    • Conversation and AV equipment should be kept at a volume that cannot be heard outside of the study room.
    • Food and beverages should be disposed of neatly. Please attend to any spills or messes before you leave. Wipes are available in each room. 
    • Tobacco/nicotine products of any kind are prohibited. 
  • All books should be returned to the circulation desk after use.
  • Please erase any work done on whiteboards.
  • Students with overdue items on their account will be unable to access the room booking system. 
  • Failure to comply with room booking and usage policies may result in suspension and/or loss of the privilege. 

Policies for Advance Bookings Done via the Online System

  • Study rooms may be booked up to 24 hours in advance using our online system. You may not request an advanced booking at the circulation desk. 
  • Advanced booking done using the online system are approved/denied on a first come, first serve basis. If your booking is denied, please check the email for instructions on re-submitting. 
  • Requests for reoccurring bookings and/or special bookings can be submitted to the Access Services Library Specialist for approval:

Policies for Bookings Made at the Circulation Desk

  • Real time bookings made at the desk will be limited to a maximum of three hours.
  • Rooms are assigned based on availability and group size.
  • Students who have already been in the library for three hours may create a new booking the same day at the circulation desk ONLY. You may not book through the system more than once in 24 hours. 
  • Individuals/groups who have checked into their booking may renew for up to three additional hours at the circulation desk. This can be done during the last 30 minutes of the first booking and will be based on availability. 


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