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Charleston School of Law Juris Doctor Program Catalog and Student Handbook 2022-2023: Disclosures and Other Information

Online Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

Academic Catalog Outline At-a-Glance

Below is a brief outline of the Charleston School of Law Academic Catalog. Click the + sign to see the linked list under each heading. You can also click on the top tabs to see a complete list under each heading tab. A complete list of content under each heading is found in the Detailed Academic Catalog Guide Outline.

Contact Information for the School of Law

To contact the Law School:

by mail:  Charleston School of Law, 385 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29403.

by phone: 843.329.1000




The Charleston School of Law makes no claim or guarantee that credit earned at the Charleston School of Law will transfer to another institution. 

The Charleston School of Law maintains a full-service career counseling and resource office that provides support and assistance to students and alumni in all stages of career planning.  As with any institution, enrollment or completion of the program does not guarantee employment. For more information about the Department of Career Services, please visit the website here:




Mini-Outline for Disclosures Page